But Judge, I Won’t Make That Much Next Year!

There is a lesson to be learned from the Soprovich divorce. Jason Soprovich, a real estate agent in Canada, married Monica Thiessen 17 years ago.  Jason was very successful and they lived a luxurious lifestyle during those 17 years.

They were members of expensive country clubs, and their children have always gone to private school. The family took annual trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Jason’s real estate firm made more than $13 million over the last seven years and earned almost $3 million in 2016.

Then the parties separated and filed for divorce.  You guessed it.  In 2017, Jason made $1 million.

Jason argued “that the real estate market slowed down from 2016 to 2017 and is likely to slow further down in 2018.”  The decline was a result of government regulation, taxes and higher interest rates he told the court.

The judge said “I accept that the respondent has reason to be pessimistic about the real estate market and hence his income,” But, she explained, “It is reasonable to assume that much of the impact of the changes to the real estate market referred to by the respondent has been reflected in the market by now.”

She ordered Jason to pay $12,318 a month in interim child support and $22,960 in spousal support while the couple tries to work out a settlement.