Dr. Nicholas Bartha, 66, of New York recently sent an email to his ex-wife wife saying:

“When you read this … your life will change forever. You deserve it. You will be transformed from gold digger to ash and rubbish digger. You always wanted me to sell the house. I always told you I will leave the house only if I am dead.”

Tuesday morning, the six million dollar town house in New York exploded, injuring 15 people including Dr. Bartha who was pulled alive from the wreckage.

Police and fire officials say a gas line had been tampered with, according to CNN.com.

Divorced in 2005 on grounds of cruelty, Dr. Bartha lost a recent appeal, resulting in a four million dollar judgment against him by his ex. The house was being auctioned to pay for it. He had been served eviction papers on Friday.