Blogs to Help You Cope With Divorce


Guest Post by Dave Landry, a blogger and small business owner who has gone through his own divorce and has turned to blogging to communicate with those with a similar plight in hopes of further establishing a communal platform of relief.

Divorce is a painful and often times complicated undertaking. There’s much more to the process of separating and dissolving a marriage than you may realize. You need to have a strong support system if you are going through a divorce, which in most cases qualifies as a traumatic event. This can involve legal and emotional counseling as well as social groups devoted to those who are or have gone through a divorce. You can also find many online resources.

Divorce blogs are a good source of help for those involved in divorces. They offer a wealth of scenarios and advice, from child custody, legal and financial issues, to division of assets.   In the case of debt,  proven agencies are available to assist in the management of financial disarray.

The following is a list of divorce blogs where those who are in a divorce can seek guidance:

Divorce 360 is a large and comprehensive blog site forth both men and women. The site offers stories from a wealth of individuals who are either facing a marriage breakup or have been through one. The blogs found on include issues concerning infidelity, finances, as well as examining the patterns of behavior within a couple whose marriage may be in trouble. Guest blogs are highly encouraged.

Operated by two women named Jessica and Jean, offers practical advice in long-form writing about divorce which leans mostly to women. The writing is warm and sympathetic, and devoid of side taking, including against the man. The site also offers recipes for comfort food and photos of cute little animals, both of which can help to make a person feel a little better as they go through their divorce.

Divorce Diaries

Divorce Diaries, which is found on Woman’s, offers emotional, social and financial advice, mainly geared toward women, in the realm of divorce. The site’s blog entries also include advice concerning child care for single mothers as well as the overall pressures of motherhood. Because the blog is supported by an established publication such as Woman’s Day, the writing is well executed and ensures a wealth of pertinent subject matter regarding divorce.


Advice for men in regards to divorce can be hard to find. One very large, wide-ranging and prominent divorce-related site for men is Dads This site offers a plethora of blog-based scenarios from legal issues, love, child support, as well as health-related writings. The health-related blogs are of particular interest as there have recently been studies that suggest divorce can have as many, if not more health risks to men than women.