Although the international situation is desperate as usual, divorce is in the news again today.

CARMEN ELECTRA, former “Baywatch” star and DAVE NAVARRO, former guitarist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are amicably separating after their 2003 wedding on MTV’s “Til Death Do Us Part”.

PAUL MCCARTNEY has hired divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton to handle his divorce from HEATHER MILLS. Shackleton represented PRINCE CHARLES in his divorce from DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES.

And, since divorced people are just people between marriages, these two stories about marriage caught my attention.

Two bachelors wanted to find out the secret of amazing marriages. So they started interviewing peopole with long marriages. They have written a book and made a video called Project Everlasting.

And divorce attorney Paul Sullivan has started Marriage Miracles in LaVale, Maryland, a faith-based service which helps couples having difficulty in their marriage. In his office, Sullivan offers two menus, one for divorce and one for marriage. Seems like a good idea to me.