A Father’s Rights Journey Gone Sour

After an eight year custody battle with Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin has harsh words for judges and lawyers reports ABC News.

“I don’t care if the judges and the lawyers die of heart attacks in the process of getting their job done. They are corrupt, inefficient, lazy, stupid — they’re the most God-awful people,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin’s new book, “A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce,” hits stores tomorrow.

“The judges are like pit bosses in Vegas casinos,” says Baldwin.  “Their job is to make sure everybody stays at the table and keeps gambling.”

Baldwin and Basinger have had 91 court proceedings so far, and about $3 million in legal costs.  That’s enough to make anyone mad at the system.

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    The system is designed not to work but to wear down the father to make him go away. The system is corrupt. The shrinks are generally male hating women, so are alot of the law guardians. Judges seek to put fathers at a tactical disadvantage so that they take a crappy deal and end their oppression at the hands of the mothers who seek to postpone hearings and trap the fathers into continually paying pendente lite relief or temporary support, rather than to go to a speedy trial. This relief is supposed to be temporary, but no-one in the system will define how long is temporary. Judges don’t want to do their job. They wish to intimidate litigants into making a deal and going away. Attack the weaker father, keep him at a hopeless disadvantage and keep the pressure on. The mothers are free to exploit their court gifted leverage, used to soak the father into giving up. In todays system, fathers don’t have rights. Fathers need to organize and unite to fix this broken system and make it work to be fair. We need to fight for our rights and the rights of our children which always seem to be forgotten. The children are always the victims. Lazy lawyers and judges need to be held to a higher accountability and there should be a cap as to how much a person can be ruined by this process. There needs to be more remedies to protect the oppressed. The corruption needs to be exposed and terminated. Divorce is becoming more popular for it is a way for women to steal from their men and punish them and get away with it and have the court do all of their dirty work for them while the lawyers are getting rich. It’s so popular because it’s to damn easy. It ruins our economy and destroys our American way. Let’s unite. Count me in for the fight.

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