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Maryland Expands Acts of Abuse for Peace Orders

The Maryland Legislature, effective October 1, 2016, expanded  the definition of “Abuse” covered by domestic violence Peace Orders to also include the following acts:   (ix) Malicious destruction of property under 6-301 of the Criminal Law Article; (x) Misuse of telephone facilities and equipment under 3-804 of the Criminal Law Article; (xi) Misuse of electronic […]

Preliminary Injunctions in DC

In the District of Columbia, if the court grants your Motion for TRO, the order is usually valid for up to ten (10) days. But the judge may extend that time briefly. If the judge issues a temporary restraining order, the judge will set a date for a hearing on a preliminary injunction as soon […]

DC Restraining Orders

In domestic violence cases in the District of Columbia, when the abuser is someone who is or has NOT been related to you somehow or a member of your household, you file for a “Restraining Order”. You would specifically file a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) or Motion for Temporary and Preliminary Injunction and […]

Final Protective Orders in DC

In a Final Protective Order in the District of Columbia, a judge can order any of the relief available in a Temporary Protective Order, and can also: Establish temporary visitation with children. Award emergency family maintenance. Award use and possession of jointly titled car. Order counseling. Order the abuser to surrender all firearms. Order the […]

DC Temporary Protective Orders

In the District of Columbia, a Temporary Protective Order can order that the abuser: Stop abusing you. Stay away from you and to not try to contact you or harass you at your home, school, job, or the place where you may be staying, stay away from your child’s school, and from your family members’ […]

Intrafamily Offense in DC

To obtain a protective order in DC,  you must show that the respondent committed an “intrafamily offense” against you. An intra family offense is essentially any crime as defined under the D.C. Code. This is a broad list of crimes; however, the most applicable or common ones are the following: Assault An act that places […]

Domestic Violence Protection in DC

This next series of articles will deal with domestic violence protection in the District of Columbia. In the District of Columbia you can file for a “Civil Protection Order” for protection from abuse from someone who is essentially a member of your family or household or otherwise related to you. When the abuser is someone […]