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Helping a Friend Through a Divorce

When people close to you are divorcing, what can you do to help?  There are some very simple rules for what to say or do, as well as some ideas about what you should not do.  First, no matter how much you want to agree with your friend in describing his soon-to-be ex as a […]

Short Book Review

Joint Custody with a Jerk: Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex: A Hands-on, Practical Guide to Communicating with a Difficult Ex-Spouse, by Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran. A friend came across this book at the library and dropped it off for my review. This is a fine book, with a number of excellent tips […]

Believing the Myth

A friend recently offered me a stack of children’s book that her family was finished with. As a grandmother, I welcomed the opportunity to review some classics before I sent them on to my oldest grandchild. When I chose Swiss Family Robinson, I remembered it as something like the fairly recent Tom Hank’s movie—was it […]

Announcing Your Divorce

At dinner the other night, I met a delightful woman who told me a little about her divorce. Eight years ago, she said, she and her husband had separated, and they were both worried about the impact of their separation on their young daughter. Their friends and families began to rally ‘round, but much of […]

Divorce and Yoga

            Does it seem like an improbable connection?  Apparently people are finding that yoga is helpful in dealing with the emotions that come up during divorce.  I’ve been pondering why that might be.             First, yoga gets you out of your head and into your body.  The first stage of yoga practice involves asanas, physical […]

Pain and Suffering in Divorce

            Sometimes, as a lawyer, I don’t want to realize how much my clients are suffering in the divorce process.  For me, to realize it means allowing myself to feel it, and, like all human beings, I prefer to avoid pain and pursue pleasure.  So I emphasize how much better a cooperative or collaborative process […]

Money and Emotions

From a lawyer’s point of view, it’s difficult to understand why people won’t settle a case when they’re only a few hundred dollars apart on a matter, for instance, short-term support. It is so clear to the lawyer that the parties are going to spend far more than that fighting about it. It’s a good […]

We Need to Touch

In this touch-averse culture, we often don’t experience much physical contact with other people when we are not in an intimate relationship.  Yes, there’s cuddling the children, but sometimes we long just to be touched. So friends may recommend massage, as a therapeutic, safe, professional way of experiencing touch.  The massage therapist, if well-trained, will […]

Can You Be Friends with Your Ex?

In a divorce, both people feel not only disappointed but betrayed.  One of them sometimes suggests that, although they won’t be married any more, they can be friends.  This effort almost always is doomed to failure. Someone at some workshop long ago (I’m sorry I can’t attribute this concept to the individual who shared it) […]

Why Did It Happen?

            How do we know what drove us, or, more gently, brought us, to act the way we do?  For example, I have a client whose wife is blindingly, furiously angry that he wants a separation.  As you might expect, he says he left because she was always angry.              We can spend a lot […]