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Renovating Woman Magazine

I love stories about people who are able to turn their divorce into something postive and help others. Here is one from Nakia Herring at the Baltimore Times. It seems that Allegra Bennett, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun and Washington Times, didn’t know anything about fixing things in her house after 23 years of […]

Opening Day

It’s opening day for baseball.  Take your kid to a game. Sign up to be an assistant coach for little league. It’s good for you and it’s good for your children. I know it is hard to find time when you are the provider and have a career, but be a real dad and participate […]

50% Divorce Rate Is an Urban Myth

It’s time to unravel the 50 divorce rate myth. It seems that it is not really true that one in two marriages end in divorce. That statistic, widely reported, comes from the fact that there are about half as many divorces in any given year as there are marriages. But the people getting married are […]

Magnetix Toy a Safety Hazard for Children

Magnets were a favorite toy when I was growing up. So how could I resist buying the modern day magnetic toy for my todler? It has lots of magnets encased in colorful plastic building rods and blocks. It turns out that the magnets can come loose and several kids around the country have swallowed or […]

Scheduling Conferences

In a contested divorce case, your first court appearance is likely to be the Scheduling Conference. This is conducted in the courtroom before a Family Law Master. The purpose is to set various dates in your trial such as Discovery Cutoff and the Pre-Trial Hearing. And in fact, if you try to argue some point […]

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental alienation, whether or not you believe it is a syndrome, occurs in high conflict divorces when one parent influences a child against the other parent. A child suddenly does not want to see one parent with no apparent reason or justification. Mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights can be lost. It can happen even when […]

The Walk Away Wife Syndrome

After you have been a divorce lawyer for as long as I have, 30 years or so, you begin to see some patterns in your cases. One is the Walk Away Wife Syndrome. There will be about a million divorces this year. And the majority of them will be filed by women. Men and women handle […]

Welcome to Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

James. J Gross is the co-author of the e-book How to File For Divorce in Maryland, available for download today on DivorceNet.Com for $19.95. He is also the author or co-author of the following books which are available at Amazon.com: Fathers’ Rights: The Best Interest of Your Child Includes You File for Divorce in Maryland, […]

Father’s Rights Book Published

Fathers’ Rights (A Legal Guide to Protecting the Best Interests of Your Children) by James Gorss, published by Sphinx Publishing. There is much demand for information about father’s rights out there, and little available. The stakes are high, emotions are tense, and confusion abounds. So I wrote my book for the average dad, who is […]