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Ask the Divorce Lawyer

In this post, divorce lawyers from Thyden Gross and Callahan answer your family law questions. The Dispute Q: The children didn’t have school today (Friday).  My ex says I have to pick them up at her house.  I say that she has to drop them off to me. Who’s right? Divorce Lawyer Answer:  First let’s […]

Too Rich for Alimony in a Divorce?

Can you be too rich to get alimony in a divorce? This is a great problem to have. Alimony in Divorce – A South Carolina Case In a 2017 case out of South Carolina, the court awarded $5,000 a month in permanent alimony to the wife in a 28-year marriage. The husband made over $400,000 […]

Free Couples Therapy on Your Cell Phone

Hate to drive to therapy? Hate to tell your secrets to a stranger? Hate paying for therapy? Just download the LifeCouple app and you will have couples therapy on your cell phone available 24/7. The app will first ask you to rate satisfaction in different areas of your relationship. If your partner and you report […]

Solving Divorce Problems

I woke up this morning with lots of problems. It’s the way divorce lawyers wake up every morning. Not only do I have my own problems to solve, but my clients want me to solve their problems as well. I am exceedingly grateful for this. For one thing, I enjoy problem-solving. I love riddles and […]