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How to Deal With Domestic Violence

If domestic violence is affecting your living situation, you cannot allow it to continue. You deserve to feel safe in your home, and if someone is making you feel unsafe or otherwise harming you, that individual needs to be held accountable. It sometimes takes domestic violence victims a length amount of time to come to […]

Divorce Affects Your Dogs, Too!

Guest Post by Sarah Jones When the relationship starts to break down, all the abuse at home – verbal and physical, tension, and negative emotions are felt by the whole household, including your dogs! Divorce is a stressful and painful process. All the changes at home resulting in the absence of one parent can be […]


Custody of Children

Guest post by David Williamson Mothers Obtain Child Custody More Often than Fathers In 82% of cases, mothers get custody of the children.  One reason for this may be, that On a purely statistical stand point, mothers are the primary up-bringer of the children (data:  2009). Even in cases where both parents work, statistics show […]


Blogs to Help You Cope With Divorce

Guest Post by Dave Landry, a blogger and small business owner who has gone through his own divorce and has turned to blogging to communicate with those with a similar plight in hopes of further establishing a communal platform of relief. Divorce is a painful and often times complicated undertaking. There’s much more to the […]

Tax Planning for Divorce (Part 7-Home Sales)

Guest Post by John Ellsworth, Esq. If you and your ex decide to sell your home as part of the divorce, that decision may have capital-gains tax implications. Normally, the law allows you to avoid tax on the first $250,000 of gain on the sale of your primary home if you have owned the home […]


Marital Status and Child Support

Guest post by Lauren Williams, staff writer at King Law Offices, Family Law Attorneys in NC & SC. In Maryland, a child’s entitlement to support does not depend upon parents’ marital status. Every child is entitled to a level of support in proportion to the parents’ economic position regardless of whether the child is born […]

Tax Planning for Divorce (Part 6-Asset Transfers)

Guest Post by John Ellsworth, Esq. When a divorce settlement moves property (typically, your house and part of his or her 401-K) from one spouse to another, the recipient doesn’t pay tax on that transfer. That’s the good news. But it’s important to remember that the property’s tax basis moves with the property. If you […]


Making the Best of the Holidays After Divorce

Guest Post by Donna Swanson, a legal blogger for the Law Offices of Daniel Jensen. For many families, the holidays tend to center around families and friends. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, many people make a special effort to see their loved ones and spend time with their family. This often manifests as traveling […]


Equitable Distribution in North Carolina

Guest Post By Brian King, Managing partner at the King Law Offices [Editor’s Note:  Maryland does not have a Plaintiff’s Inventory Affidavit, but we do have a Financial Statement and a Joint Property Statement.  It is interesting to see what other states do.] Perhaps the most difficult part of an equitable distribution case is the […]