A Journal for Your Divorce

a journal can help with the feelings of divorce

We are always happy to hear stories of people turning divorce into a positive experience and helping others along the way. In this case, an interesting divorce journal is the result.

A Journal for the Divorce Experience

Alisha Strattman says she created Life Goes On Journals when she realized her marriage was over. “I was feeling all these emotions and needed help and really couldn’t find what I needed. I realized I needed to create something for the next person going through that same experience,” she said.

So she created Life Goes On Journals with the goal of moving forward with a happy life after divorce. The journal includes a daily guide with self-care tips, prompts for journaling, a rating for the day, a place to name your emotions for the day, and a space to list daily gratitudes and victories.

“Divorce can seem really shameful and make a person feel guilty,” Strattman says.  “You’re not a failure. You aren’t worth less because you’ve experienced it.”

Next, she’s working on a journal for men.

A Caution from Your Divorce Lawyer

Just a caution from your friendly neighborhood divorce lawyer.  Until your divorce is over, don’t write anything in your journal that could become Exhibit Number 1 at your divorce trial.