Taking a laptop on holiday can break up a family warns Professor of Psychology, Gary Cooper, of Lancaster University in the Daily Express.

“People seem to think a holiday is about having a short break and catching the sun while doing a bit of work. That’s dumb,” according to the Professor. “A holiday isn’t just for rest and recuperation but to commune again with your family, connect with your children. Obviously if the employee is stupid enough to take their laptop with them and tell their employer that they are available, then they are going to be exploited.”

I must confess that I have taken a laptop with me on every vacation with my family. Deb Shinder says she does too at wxpnews.com. She points out that laptops can be misused on a vacation just like a book, golf clubs or a fishing rod. But they are a tool than can allow you to get away from work and take a vacation in the first place. And they can benefit your family time by provoking interesting conversation, providing entertainment and helping you find places and things to do while on your vacation.

Do you take your laptop on vacation? Do you think your spouse ought to leave the laptop at home? Let us know what you think.