• Divorce happens.

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The divorce attorneys at Thyden Gross and Callahan LLP focus on divorce and family law. We represent individuals and business clients in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

We take a constructive approach to cases. We get results with a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, and opposing spouses in divorce cases.

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Is Your Lawyer a Psychopath?

Is Your Lawyer a Psychopath?

Experts say that psychopaths comprise about one percent of the general population. Studies have shown,…
Discovery Sanctions in Custody Case

MD Appeals Court Overrules Discovery Sanctions in Custody Case

The father filed to modify custody of two children.  He sent interrogatories and document requests to…
liquidated damages in a divorce
, ,

Liquidated Damages – Tips for Settling Your Divorce Case

"Simplify.  Simplify."  -- Henry David Thoreau Divorce negotiations can feel like Whack-A-Mole. There…

Where’s My Roy Cohn?

It is not a compliment to say a lawyer has a “sharp practice.” It does not mean that he is the sharpest…
You don't have to have contempt for the other in a divorce

The Handshake Snub

As I watch the President refusing to shake the Speaker’s hand, and the Speaker tearing up the President’s…
The dog ate my homework.

The Dog Ate My Homework, Judge (Getting a  Postponement In Your Divorce Case)

"The court discourages requests to postpone court events."  -- Family Law Manual, Circuit Court for…

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Thyden Gross and Callahan divorce attorneys are here to help you. Our philosophy is that a constructive approach to cases, and a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, opposing spouses in divorce cases, best serves our clients.

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