• Divorce happens.

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The divorce attorneys at Thyden Gross and Callahan LLP focus on divorce and family law. We represent individuals and business clients in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

We take a constructive approach to cases. We get results with a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, and opposing spouses in divorce cases.

Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

The Old School Lawyer

The Old School Lawyer

As a thoroughly modern divorce lawyer, I am at my computer, marking up a Marriage Settlement Agreement…
Wound a little tight

Wound Too Tight

Does it seem to you like people have shorter fuses these days?  Have you noticed people are losing their…
Military Pensions and Divorce

The Call

One of these days, you too will get “The Call”. It will be opportunity calling. Expect miracles. My…
How the judge decides child custody

Checklists for Your Child Custody Battle

Contested Child Custody Checklist In contested child custody cases, Maryland courts apply the best…
Advice for Handling Divorce Mediation
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Help! Just Found Out Divorce Mediation Is Tuesday!

"Just found out divorce mediation is Tuesday afternoon!!! Help! I’m nervous What do I do?! What…
Military Pensions and Divorce
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Litigating Military Pensions in a Divorce

Divorces are full of tripfalls and traps and pensions are the quicksand of divorces.  Dividing military…

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Thyden Gross and Callahan divorce attorneys are here to help you. Our philosophy is that a constructive approach to cases, and a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, opposing spouses in divorce cases, best serves our clients.

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