• Divorce happens.

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The divorce attorneys at Thyden Gross and Callahan LLP focus on divorce and family law. We represent individuals and business clients in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

We take a constructive approach to cases. We get results with a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, and opposing spouses in divorce cases.

Thyde Goss and Callahan Divorce Lawyers

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we have decided to give up our physical law firm offices due to the pandemic and become a virtual law firm

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"If  you can pay for your sign the first year and your rent the second year, then you're a success." --…
Accepting good and bad qualities may be better than leaving a relationship.

Alternative Facts

"Old too soon, Smart too late.” -- Mike Tyson I was on the phone with an old friend of mine when…

The Wages of Sin - Chapter Four

Ms. Moriarty produced her client’s tax returns a week later. When I entered his office, Holt was looking…

The Wages of Sin - Chapter Three

”Fairly new attorney although in her 30’s. Used to be a  paralegal and decided to become a lawyer.…

The Wages of Sin - Chapter Two

I caught up with Holt at his office at 221B Billiard Street, where his secretary, Ms. Hobson said he…

The Wages of Sin - Chapter One

Inspired by characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle *   *  * Sterling Holt is hands down the…

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Thyden Gross and Callahan divorce attorneys are here to help you. Our philosophy is that a constructive approach to cases, and a respectful approach to clients, lawyers, opposing spouses in divorce cases, best serves our clients.

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